Two tips for choosing a wedding reception venue when you and your partner are self-isolating

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If you need to pick your wedding reception venue but both you and your partner are currently self-isolating, these tips might help you to make this decision when you're not able to physically visit any venues.

1. Ask for a virtual tour of the venues 

The photos you find on venue websites can be helpful when you want to take a look at the venue's aesthetic, architecture and size. However, looking at a series of photographs of a venue might not offer enough information to help you to decide if it is suitable for your event. Most couples find that they need to do a couple of tours of a property, get some insight into its layout and see what it looks like in a variety of lighting and weather conditions before they can make this decision.

Whilst in-person visits might be out of the question, you could still virtually 'visit' the places you're interested in if you enlist the help of the employees of these places. For example, you and the manager of a particular venue could enjoy a tour while using video chat apps on your phones. This would be much more useful than simply viewing the pre-recorded virtual tour that some venues have on their websites, as you could ask the manager to stop and let you look at certain parts of the venue more closely or ask them to change the angle slightly so that you could get a better look at the decor, the tables or any other details that you and your partner want to see. They could also move around some of the furniture or smaller decor in their dining or dancefloor areas, whilst you're on the phone, to make it easier for you to envisage how you could have your ideal wedding meal or after-party in these areas.

2. Use online satellite images to get a feel for the size and location

The other step you can take is to spend some time online at home with your partner, viewing the satellite images of the venues you're interested in. These can be particularly useful for getting a better idea of what the parking set-up is really like and determining how accessible the venue would be for your guests who need to drive to it on the day of your event.

Having this bird's eye view of a venue will also allow you to easily check its proximity to other commercial properties, such as nightclubs, which might produce noise that might travel towards the wedding reception venue (and thus potentially detract from your own wedding music) and then find out if there are any features between these properties that might dampen the noise (like a densely wooded area, for example).

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