Ray Karaman

Drums / Percussion

Ray's performing career started at age 15 while playing with various big band dance shows in the tri-state area.

During the 1980's, he logged hundreds of performances as drummer for "Connie and the Linguistics," leading to an appearance on the cult favorite "Uncle Floyd Show."

Ray's drumming can also be heard on the "Billy Rose" album, produced by Bob Mayo, which won Best Album in 1981 on WPDH.

Since then Ray has recorded and performed with numerous artists including Al Craven, Donna Grosso, Gene Moore, and his drumming can be heard on Sony's "Twisted Metal" video game..

Ray has been teaching drumset theory since 1980 and continues to teach today.

"For a show of this size, I needed a "monster" in the driver's seat. Someone with the raw power to push seventy musicians to their absolute sonic limits and then the finesse and command to pull them all right back down without missing a beat. Ray does it all and then some! Not only is Ray an incredible musician but he is one of the most genuine and sincere people I have ever met. An absolute "Ace." Welcome aboard brother"